Scientific Findings that Support that Living Things Have Souls

3.) Mind/Body Connection

While so many scientists throughout the world stand by the theory that the mind is what the brain does, others claim that other things such as consciousness go further than the capabilities of the brain, and this might be solid proof of the existence of a spirit. Takes us back to the 1940s and 50s, when Dr. Penfield first examined the brains of conscious patients and concluded with a claim that the brain has control of only the mechanical gestures of the body. He made this thesis solely because he was not able to pinpoint the very aspect of the brain where the act of thinking actually took place, so he came up with the conspiracy that an invisible mind or spirit has to be responsible for any form of conscious thought. If you still are for believing in a belief having to do with the spirit and brain connection, it could be said that the brain and spirit always depend on one another, therefore the brain is really just responding to spiritual statements, maybe uploading and downloading details over to this invisible spirit source. Yet, how would that work? According to Dr. Pim van Lommel, quantum physics is able to be applied to biological systems which turn out in electromagnetic fields creating a consciousness that broadcasts to our brains which are there to act as receivers. This theory is what some physicists entitle  “quantum flapdoodle.”

2.) Out of Body Experiences

The awesome thing about out of body experiences is that almost half of the people on the planet have them and it’s actually one thing that can be tested analytically. Out of body experiences have the ability to be brought out by any sorts of reasons, which include near-death experiences, drugs, high fever, traumatic situations, meditation, lucid dreaming, powerful magnets, sensory deprivation, electrical stimulation of the temporal lobe, virtual reality, dissociative disorders, brain damage, Pink Floyd, other psychedelic groups and way too much high fructose corn syrup. With the rise of many, many people adding so many frequent flyer miles on their souls, it’s actually funny to think about why no one has ever been able to present evidence of it with one simple experiment. This experiment would be to simply: leave your body and read a sign placed in another room. This believe it or not has been done, and the person got the answer right!

 1.) Weighing the Soul

  In the 1880s, photos of ghostly images that were caught on film used to be used as proof of the soul. Later on in 1911, the x-ray machine was also used to attempt to photograph a solid picture of the soul. These items can barely be considered proof these days, however, there is one experiment that is still said to have some truth. This experiment was Duncan MacDougall’s 1907 experiment where he stated that you could shed weight quickly and easily by simply dying. This experiment has scientists bamboozled on the study of the human soul to this very day.

Watch the clip below to see what two scientists have to say about souls!