My Story

Hi readers! My name is Phil and this is my blog and story. I decided to create a blog website because of my experience. Before this experience, I was a big skeptic of spirits, the afterlife, mediums, heaven, all of it but then I had a death experience. I was in a terrible car accident where I died for 2 minutes and was put into a coma for a week. Those 2 minutes seemed like days. I went into this beautiful warm bright place where all my sadness, regrets, and anger all disappeared. I felt like all of that didn’t matter anymore. I felt happy, relieved, and loved. That’s when I saw God. He reassured me that everything is going to be okay and that I am exactly where I am supposed to be. He told me it wasn’t my time yet and that I had to go back for my family and that’s when they brought me back to life. That experience changed my whole life and my aspect of life. After I recovered from my accident, I still had bad back and neck pain so I decided to try yoga and meditation. This helped not only my body but it helped my mind as well. I highly encourage everyone to take a risk and believe in something that isn’t visible to you. God is real and if you put your love and trust in him, he will give you the world.