Here’s How Pornstars Are Cashing In On Snapchat

Like it or not, porn is a thriving industry. It’s generally believed that around 10-15% of traffic on the internet is from users searching for and sharing pornography. And, if you’ve spent any longer than a few hours online, you’ll know that this isn’t difficult to believe.

As technology has grown over the years, so has the way we consume its content. Believe it or not, the way we consume pornography has vastly changed too.

Twenty years ago, the only way we could find pornography was on crudely-labelled VHS tapes on the top shelves of seedy video stores. Then, as the internet increased in popularity, subscription-based web pages became commonplace. These are still common today, but are usually reserved for famous names or catered towards specific niches.

Then, with the advent of smart phones and HD webcams, amateur porn became just as popular as professional porn around the mid-2000s. Instead of monthly subscription-based pages, people could pay by the minute for private camshows, or alternatively, pay a one-off fee for a particular clip or gallery.

Now, in 2017, Snapchat has become an outlet for pornstars to peddle their seductive wares for other users of the social media platform. Since the app was originally based around the idea of sending risqué pictures which would then promptly disappear after a certain time, it’s no surprise that sex workers have found a way to capitalize on this.

Snapchat offers a payment feature, Snapcash, which allows users to send money in exchange for clips or pictures. In many ways, this is natural evolution of the pornography industry. Due to the constant interconnectivity of the modern age, porn has become more direct and more personalized for each individual consumer. No longer are pornstars unattainable starlets with supermodel good looks; they’re now real women with whom we can converse with and make requests of.

It is entirely possible for snapchat pornstars of mid-level popularity to make a decent living through these kinds of means. While the big names in the porn industry are taking home six figure incomes, the pornstars on the rung below them are certainly making upwards of $50,000 a year. Although most amateur pornstars will be selling single clips and pictures between $1 and $10, these figures can easily add up.

From the pornstar’s perspective, one of the most attractive aspects of selling personalized pornography through Snapchat is the anonymity it provides. For example, a pornstar could sell the same clip or picture to a handful of people, all without any other users knowing that the media they’ve received isn’t unique to them. While this may be considered disingenuous by some people, it’s an easy way for amateur pornstars to make quick coin. However, it’s not too different from offering a subscription service in which all users are awarded the same material – it’s simply the same concept adapted for modern purposes.

Regardless, Snapchat does not condone the swapping of adult material, despite the original idea behind its inception. The app is coming down quickly on accounts which promise to provide pornography, and it seems that very few are able to sneak by its filters.

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Top 3 Reasons to Believe in Souls

3.) The fact that humans have a genuine free will can only be explained if we have an immaterial (i.e., non-physical) soul.

  If you and you and one of your best friends can only be molecules in motion that are controlled by the laws of physics, then the choices we make are all but an illusion. For example, it’s kind of like the act of dominoes falling down. The one after this domino has to fall. Yet, you and your best friend have the ability to pick whether you want to act or not act. Start or stop. We as people have the ability to put our finger on top of the domino to keep it from falling down. Free will might as well be a sheer strong argument for the existence of the soul. The strong evidence of Near Death Experiences, on the other hand, could also be just as strong evidence of the soul. To make sure that not all statements people make about them seeing the light and going to heaven should be taken in as truth. However, there are well-proven scenarios that go against any other trial of explanation. Near death experiences severely suggest that the life of a conscious still exists after death and that the body is recognizable from its soul.

2.) The brain is not the mind.

You’re probably wondering how people know all of this? The answer is the famous law of identity. This is more or less saying that something will exist as what it is and not something other than what it is. So what this all means is that if you can think of one thing that is factual of the brain that is not factual of the mind then the two are clearly not at all the same thing. They are not identical to each other, therefore making them differ. To properly take this theory in, think about Mark Twain. Is Samuel Langhorne Clemens the same exact person as Mark Twain? These two resemble one another if they both contain all of the same exact characteristics. Yet if you can reveal one attribute that is factual of Mark Twain that is not factual of Samuel Langhorne Clemens, then the two are in fact, not the same. It turns out in this scenario, that Clemens and Twain are in fact, the same person. Twain was the pen name for Clemens.

1.) Jesus–who was raised from the dead–believed and taught that there is a soul.

 This is extremely compelling. Specifically in lieu of the strong historical proof that Jesus was brought back from the dead. This truth enables him the original right to speak on this situation. Jesus never pulls any tricks on anyone. While the Bible does not happen to be just a novel on philosophical anthropology, a view in a more common sense perspective of the human person is guessed throughout all of its pages. According to the good book, God invented human beings to act as embodied souls.

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